CheapHai Digital Media Group. An India Based Digital Services, Group Buy Tools, Cheap Domain Registrations Company. Located in Sector 17, Chandigarh, India
Having 300+ Active userbase of their service, 10+ GB tools, multiple extension domain registrations, and many more.

Address:- Sector 17, Chandigarh, India (160017)

Email us:- [email protected]

Telegram :- @cheaphai


Technical Specifications of Website:-

  1. CMS:- WordPress, Custom PHP.
  2. Theme:- NewsPaper X (Licensed).
  3. CDN:- Cloudflare Free
  4. Hosting (Servers):- NameCheap (IP:- USA), Linode VPS (IP:- India).
  5. Domain Registrar:- Godaddy India
  6. Realtime Chat:- Tidio Chat
  7. DMCA Client:- Dmca.com
  8. Push Notification:- OneSignal
  9. SMTP (email sender) :- Internal PHP emails, Sendgrid Pro.