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Additional Details:-

Astra Pro Addon: Make more progress in less time. Without the use of coding

When it comes to customer service, Astra Pro is a game-changer because of its robust artificial intelligence platform. Businesses may now automate discussions with customers and other stakeholders with unrivaled precision and efficiency because to advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and deep learning technology.

The Astra Pro NLP engine was trained on millions of talks across several sectors, making it possible for discussions to flow easily and seem natural, regardless of the user’s language. With its deep learning algorithms, Astra Pro is able to interpret the meaning of words and the flow of a conversation to respond appropriately to users’ inquiries.

Astra Pro allows organizations to have automated interactions that are specific to each user. With Astra Pro, you can design consistent, tailored experiences that show you’ve got a firm grasp on your customers’ wants and needs over time. In addition, the expressiveness and empathy features of Astra Pro make it possible for the AI-generated discussions to be sensitive to the speaker’s feelings by using terms associated with those feelings, empathy, and unique answers.

In conclusion, Astra Pro is the best platform out now for companies who wish to automate their customer service discussions. Astra Pro uses AI to provide dialogues that seem genuine and interesting, eliminating any suspicion that they were authored by a computer.

Astra Pro Addon Layouts installation – CheaphaiAstra Pro Addon for WordPress Features

  • Performance Focused, Powerful Design Options, Site Layouts
    • Typography, Colors & Background, Blog Layouts
    • Global Designs Options, WooCommerce, Integrations
    • Astra Widgets, Custom Layouts

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Astra Pro Addon best for beginners?

Astra Pro Addon can be a great option for beginners, as it offers many features that can be used to customize a website, including page headers and footers, custom page layouts, and more. It also includes some basic SEO features, as well as access to a library of recommended plugins. It is also quite affordable, making it an easy way for beginners to get started with customizing their websites.

What are the benefits of using Astra Pro Addon?

  1. First, you may use features like a sticky header, a translucent header, a full-width header, and a page head by installing the Astra Pro Addon. With these enhancements, you may construct designs for a more engaging and visually appealing website.
  2. Widgets and custom HTML for the bottom, as well as copyright text options, are two additional features of the Astra Pro Addon that allow you to modify the look of your website.
  3. Customize anything from button colors to link colors to menu colors to article backgrounds and headings with the help of the color and design tools.
  4. Fourthly, Astra Pro Addon enables you to design bigger layouts and make better use of white space. You may use this information to design a responsive layout for your WordPress site.
  5. Improve the presentation of your blog articles using tools like featured photos, excerpts, and meta descriptions found under “Blog > Advanced Settings.” Several different formats are available for your selection.
  6. WooCommerce Theme Installation #6: Astra Pro Addon makes it simple to install and configure your online shop. For a more polished and user-friendly online storefront, you’ll have complete say over the shop’s front page, design preferences, and individual product pages.
  7. Seventh, Astra Pro Addon’s Layouts and Partials make it simple to design stunning, one-of-a-kind pages. Any layout you make may be saved and used on other documents.
  8. Eighth, Simple Search Engine Optimization Configuration: Configuring your SEO may be difficult and time consuming, but with the Astra Pro Addon, you have access to simple options that will automate the optimization process.

Is Astra Pro Addon SEO–friendly?

Yes, Astra Pro Addon is SEO–friendly. It includes features such as Schema Markup, Structured Data, and AMP support to help you improve your SEO rankings. Additionally, it has options to enable or disable features such as title tags and meta descriptions that can also help with SEO.

Is Astra Pro Addon affordable?

Yes, Astra Pro Addon is an affordable plugin. It is currently priced at $47 for the annual license and $227 for the lifetime license. But hey! Cheaphai gives you a 90% discount, which can be purchased for only 4.99 USD.

Astra Pro Addon Changelog (Updated)

Version 4.1.5

May 9, 2023


  • Nav menu – Optimized number of database call to fetch megamenu item details.


  • WooCommerce – Console error from horizontal slider & vertical slider product gallery.
  • LearnDash – “Enable Distraction Free Learning” option missing from the customizer General settings.
  • Custom Layout – PHP code snippet with function calls throws PHP error “can not redeclare the function”.
  • Single Post: Apply Custom Sizes option missing from Customizer > Blog > Single Post section.
  • Single Post: Custom featured image size is not working with dynamic post banner area.
  • Spectra block dynamic styles missing on auto loaded previous posts.
  • WooCommerce – Enabling filter with flyout produce eventlistner error on console.
  • Sidebar title font is not working for product page.
  • Fixed lost password link for multilingual sites by using wp_lostpassword_url() function.
  • Header Search – Placeholder text appears twice in full screen search & header cover search style.

Version 4.1.4

April 6, 2023


  • Header Builder – Site Logo becomes too small for the sticky header.
  • Custom Layout – Code editor strips out the code while saving and not working properly on frontend too.
  • Search – Inline search box misaligned with respect it’s search icon position.

Version 4.1.3

March 30, 2023


  • WooCommerce & WordPress marketplace users getting subscription notification when plugin purchased from Brainstorm Force store.

Version 4.1.2

March 29, 2023


  • Backward managing cron run into infinite loop which exhausted CPU usage on server.
  • PHP notice “Uncaught error array_map() requires 2nd parameter as array” while saving code editor from Custom Layout.
  • PHP error “Uncaught Error: Call to a member function is_type() on string” for WooCommerce product.
  • PHP error “Uncaught Error: class Astra_Notices not found” in some cases.

Version 4.1.1

March 28, 2023


  • PHP error “Uncaught Error: Access to undeclared static property” for clonned header builder button’s padding.


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